Cohesive team

A cohesive team is made by individuals that trust each other, commited for the same goals and fight together for the same results.
Sometimes teams are not chosen and they hardly find the reason why they should work together. Then some conflicts can interfer work and decrease company’s productivity.
The best way to bond employees together is a sharing meal.
Kinkao build your team everyday with fresh and tasty food for your employees to eat together.

12 new menus everyday

You don’t need to worry about everyone’s taste.

HR always have to deal with special request or special diets of their employees. One doesn’t like salad, another is Vegan and the last eat only Western food.

Kinkao proposes you 12 different categories, for 12 different special diets, that are changing everyday. You can have a look on our tomorrow’s menu here.
Don’t be afraid of everyone’s taste to share a meal. Order together and eat together, this is Kinkao.

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